Our Company

Our BUSINESS is to provide complete printing services for people to effectively represent their message. Richfield Printing, Inc. was established in 1967. Our location in Bloomington, Minnesota is convenient to serve the Twin Cities area, but it does not limit our reach. Today’s communication technologies enable us to print for Minnesota and national companies.

Our greatest asset is the PEOPLE who work at Richfield Printing. Individually, they have skill, experience, and respect for their work. They work well as a team, and with you, in their desire to manufacture excellent products. We purchase equipment to improve our quality, lower your costs, or speed the time of delivery. With our people at the controls, our equipment will consistently print text with clarity, detailed photographs, and every color imaginable.

Our GOAL is to develop and maintain relationships. By working together with clients, and attaining trust in each other, we will contribute to a better product. Our customers include large corporations with international sales, local companies with ties to our community, sole proprietors with niche products, and nonprofit charitable organizations with a mission; all who trust us with their reputation.

We all benefit from sustainable forestry practices

We all benefit from sustainable forestry practices.

The world communicates on paper

The world communicates on paper.

We recycle to conserve natural resources

We recycle to conserve natural resources.